Grand Theft Auto 5 – Visit Los Santos And Blaine County

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GTA 5 will be the newest game in the Rockstar GTA series. And trust us, it will be even be better, harder and faster then all the other editions.

The game will start  in the fictive city of “Los Santos”, which was previously used in GTA: San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto V will first be released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17, 2013. And maybe later, it will get a release on the PC and even the WII U.

GTA 5 Visit Los Santos And Blaine County Characters and Game

the biggest difference compared to the previous games, will be that you now can choose from 3 different characters instead of 1 (Michael, Trevor and Franklin). And in some cases you may even change in the middle of the game character (if the mission permits).

Also, these characters between missions also have some hobbies. You can think of hobbies such as yoga, jet skiing and gardening.

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